Insights of a new travel-era

Aquavita provides services of the efficient travel arrangements of seafarers, marine crews for business, and implementation of strategic plans of our key partners: crewing, shipping, and ship management companies. After all, seafarers are engaged in shipping of 90% of all consumed goods and resources worldwide.

We understand the features and requirements of this unique industry

О rganization of transportation of maritime workers has a complex structure. After all, we are talking about numerous groups of sailors who travel from different continents to arrive at the same time at the right destination. An integral part of this process is frequent changes to the reservation shortly before departure. Our experience is based on the principles of competence, responsibility and innovation. We understand the features and requirements of this unique industry. By investing in innovation, we create solutions that meet your needs and expectations to meet the challenges of efficiency and cost optimization.


Nowadays, the important components of our work are designing and implementation of services and solutions which satisfy the requirements of our customers in the best possible way. From task setting to integration, our solutions allow you to manage your budget effectively, scale up the business and respond quickly to changes, meet the requirements of travel policy and reporting, considering safety measures. Moreover, we provide an opportunity to create new individual tools, or a combination thereof.
Travel Approval System
allows you to control the costs in accordance with your travel policy.
Crew Management System API
a set of specifications for integration with any crewing system in order to automate the process of travel arrangements for maritime personnel.
Airlines DIRECT Access Engine
searching and combination of routes and fares through the airline’s direct channels, including the low-cost carriers.
Advanced Travel Management System
searching for the optimal combination of routes and airlines, based on the historical information of the reliability and punctuality of the airlines.
Duty of Care system
disruption management tool, which allows you to track the location in real-time for the assistance of the traveling crew.
Marine Travel Artificial Intelligence Systems
searching for an efficient route in accordance with the requirements of the maritime industry.

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